Soft Pastel Painting Japanese Yurei

Japanese Yurei

To continue the Halloween theme that I set myself for October, I decided to paint a piece on the famous Japanese Ghost or Yurei by Sawaki Sūshi in 1737. The term Yurei is used in Japanese as ghosts or phantoms.

You will find the famous and overused long black haired lady with a white dress in every Japanese scary tv program to movies. Most stories will involve a slow-moving ghost with long black hair that flows down over her face to her knees or even to the floor. The climax of a scary story would be the ghost engulfing herself and her hair around the person being haunted with the tv sketch or scene fading out to leave the audience to wonder what happened.

Moving on with the painting I will say that I enjoyed using the soft pastel pencils over the oil pastels as I found the blending to be more easy. I did, however, use oil pastels to create an authentic canvas that would have been used to paint the original on in 1737 and was very happy with how it turned out.

I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Soft Pastel painting of a Japanese Yurei.


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