Soft Pastel Painting of a Portrait of my Eldest Son P4


Hello, everyone. It’s been some time since I did an update on the progress of my Portrait on my Eldest Son. You can find Part1Part2 and Part3 here.

The part of the portrait that I worked on today was the lower part of the face. I worked on the chin, lips and neck areas and did a bit of touching up around the eyes and nose to get the shading of where the light highlights the top of the lips and nose.

The lips were more difficult than I expected, and I had a hard time making them look real, even though I added darker colours for the shadows and the cresses in the lips themselves. I had to put the pencil down as I was going to destroy what I already created, and my final thought was that I don’t like how they turned out.

As a final note, I started to notice how the paper began to lift and flake as I went over blending the shadows and adding the top colours. I believe this is due to me adding too many layers, but I do hope it isn’t the type of paper I chose, which is standard sketch paper from the local stationery shop.

As a final, final thought I will be continuing with my portrait no matter how the finish looks like, and I have already started sketching out the overall shape of my second eldest son for my next project. Once I have completed these soft pastel portraits, I will move onto acrylic paints and will try my hand at painting my sons, again on canvas.

I hope you enjoyed my latest update and keep an eye out for my next post where I will be working on the final part of the portrait and hope to have a finished project for you all to see.


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