Soft Pastel Happy Christmas

Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you my soft pastel Happy Christmas.

The Soft Pastel Happy Christmas project was done in three parts and each part can be found here by following each of the links; Part 1Part 2 and Part 3. A full length video is offered at the end of this blog.

I wanted to paint a Christmas scene for my YouTube channel at the beginning of the month but didn’t want to do a Halloween theme that I did for thirty days as I did for Halloween over October. So, the choice of dragging my Christmas scene out over three weeks was a great idea and once I finished the painting, I had three parts and a whole length video for my channel.

At the planning stage, I couldn’t work out if I wanted to do a winter scene with Christmas trees or a Santa Claus portrait, but none of the ideas I had tickled my interest. It was in fact when my wife put on a song, through our YouTube amazon stick that when it finished an old Christmas song list popped up that had a Christmasy Fireplace picture with the tree, decorations and armchair with the burning fireplace at its centre.

Now with the idea in mind, I set out drawing my line art and then deciding on the colours and arrangement of the armchair, Christmas tree. The wooden floor and red carpet were an afterthought and, I even had a plan to add a Santa Claus portrait in a frame hanging on the wall above the armchair but decided it against it.

My wife gave me the idea of the wallpaper as I did have a dark orange in mind, but I do believe the blue worked out better. I did forget to add the tongs and shovel, and the wife wasn’t too happy with the bowls and apple shapes on the mantlepiece as she expected them to be candles.

Anyway, the project was fun and splitting the process over three weeks allowed me to take my time, sit back and look at what needed to be added or changed, and I even had the painting framed and put up on the wall as one of our Christmas decorations.

Thank you for reading this long blog, and I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Soft Pastel Painting Happy Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Soft Pastel Happy Christmas

  1. I really like to have soft pastels drawings around me as they bring a different glow to the art. The soft pastel happy christmas drawing that you have shared is really amazing. It can be used to gift someone and wish them this christmas. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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