Soft Pastel Painting of Japan

Soft Pastel Painting of Japan

Today I would like to share with you my soft pastel painting of Japan. As this is the second time, I have painted a picture of Japan as I have already painted one with oil pastels. You can find my blog post; Oil Pastel Painting of Japan here.

I wanted to paint a scene of Japan as I did with oil pastels but didn’t want to use the same theme. I used Mount Fuji, a red rising sun and silhouettes to create my oil pastel painting so wanted something different. I first started by searching for Japan-related art and found a few Japanese traditional ink paintings that caught my interest.

I started by sketching out the layout of the painting with a black soft pastel pencil, and I then went straight into painting the sun with a red pastel, and next went on to mountains by colouring the ridges and rock faces with black pastel.

Once I got the overall shape of the mountain, I then switched to a grey pastel to colour the light areas where the light of the sun would have hit.

Lastly, I painted the torii gate use a red and black pastel pencil and then used a white to highlight areas to bring them to life.

This painting was really fun, and I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Soft Pastel Painting of Japan.


Soft Pastel Painting Autumn Fields

Autumn Fields

Today I would like to share with you my soft pastel painting of an autumn field.

As we are heading into autumn and soon we will be going into winter, I thought I would try my hand at an autumn fields painting.

I enjoyed doing this theme and happy how it turned out. I did, however, have a bit of trouble with the large tree whilst layering in the colours to try and capture the autumn feel.

I will be trying again to try and capture the autumn theme before we slip into winter, so please keep an eye out for my next painting.

I hope you enjoy my time-lapsed recording of my Autumn Fields painting.