Oil Pastel Painting Mum and Baby Ghost Portrait

Mum and Baby Ghost Portrait

Today I would like to share with you my painting of a Mum and Baby Ghost Portrait that I did for Halloween.

I would be happier with this cute portrait but I was shot down by my wife and children saying that it looks more like the Japanese Teru Teru Bozu (Balls) that young children hang in the rainy season to ask for good weather.

In its creation, I used a lot of blacks and when it came to blending I found it very difficult to blend the black into the white. The eyes for the baby ghost didn’t stay rounded as much as I liked and I had to put a lot of white into the shadows to create a smokey background.

I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Oil Pastel Mum and Baby Ghost Portrait painting.


Oil Pastel Painting Wallpapering in the Day

Today I decided to create an oil pastel painting of a scene where two painter and decorators wallpaper in the day.

I got the idea from seeing a few oil pastel paintings where a painter was painting in the night sky, so I decided to do the opposite but with wallpaper. I also added the wallpaper table, bucket of paste and box of rolled wallpaper.

I tried to keep to the illusion of that the two decorators where wallpapering their environment by adding trees and birds with clouds floating in the sky.

This oil pastel painting was enjoyable to create. I hope you enjoy my time-lapsed recording of my Oil Pastel Painting Wallpapering in the Day.


Oil Pastel Painting of Japan

Oil Pastel of Japan

To start of my Youtube and Blog adventure I decided to do an oil pastel piece on Japan.

The image I chose to create was to have mount Fuji in the background with a large red sun that represented the red dot of the Japanese flag. I then added a small temple at the bottom with a small island with a bridge and samurai looking out over the ocean as a small fishing boat rowed its way back to shore as the giant sun begins to set.

To create the piece I used oil pastels and kitchen paper to blend the colours, with the help of a blending stick and then used an HB10 pencil to shade in the fishing boat, land, bridge and temple.

I hope you enjoy my time-lapsed recording of my Oil Pastel Painting of Japan.