Soft Pastel Painting of a Zombie


My wife asked me to draw a zombie for my Halloween theme as to why I did the soft pastel painting of the chinless zombie. I must say again that she didn’t quite like my choice of a zombie as she was expecting a walking dead styled monster instead of the cartoon one I did.

I found a watercoloured painting of a cartoon zombie online and decided to image my zombie on the same idea. I used soft pastel pencils by Derwent but first sketched out my line art with a led pencil.

The zombie character was an easy sketch to colour as it was only 2D and took on the cartoony effect as the original. The only things I changed where the hair and clothes, I did add a few more open wounds on the forehead and nose to try and change it up from the original.

One of the headaches of this project was that I didn’t set my recording equipment up correctly and unfortunately, my head kept taking up most of the camera. I judge that nearly 80% of the time-lapsed recording had the top of my head in the frame.

I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Soft Pastel painting of a zombie.