Oil Pastel Painting of a Haunted House

Haunted House

To finish off my Halloween theme I wanted to go out with a bang, so I decided to paint a Haunted House with a silhouette of a man standing at the gates.

The image I chose was from a movie-shot that I found online, but unfortunately, I don’t remember where I found the image and from what movie the still was taken.

To start I did a pencil sketch of the outline of the manor, I then used mostly dark colours to try and capture the building and then added the overgrown foliage to give it a bit of an effect. The outer edges I kept dark as I wanted to try and capture a night theme with broken posts of gates at the bottom to give it an extra creepy feel.

I’m not sure if the added mist was needed or not and to tell the truth, I’m not really convinced it sets off an eerie feeling that I wanted.

Anyway I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Oil Pastel painting of a Haunted House.