Oil Pastel Painting Vampire in the Shadows

Vampire in the Shadows

To continue the Halloween festivities I’ve decided to paint a Vampire in the Shadows using mostly oil pastels with the help soft pastels.

I wanted to do a vampire for some time for my Halloween theme but couldn’t find an image that suited my style. The ones that I did find where gothic and mostly of vampire women possed in suductive ways.

I chose the Vampire in the Shadows after watching an episode of Van Hellsing on Netflix, which gave me an idea of an ancient Vampire hiding in the shadow of its cloak. I did find out after that my wife didn’t like what I painted and would have settled for a gothic women vampire; Ha!

The process of painting this canvas was simple as most of the colours where dark with a lot of black, grey and a bit of white to highlight the parts of the vampires face that eluded the shadows.

I think the blood dripping out of the mouth and down the creatures face added a bit of character, along with his yellow stained teeth that hinted he was centuries old.

I hope you enjoy watching my time-lapsed recording of my Oil Pastel painting of a Vampire in the Shadows.